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Jai Narain Vyas University ( JNVU )
Rajasthan Technical University ( RTU )
Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya ( MGAHV )


 Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the President of India inaugurated the than University of Jodhpur on 24th August, 1962. In his inaugural address the Hon'ble President revered Prof. Radha Krishnan desired and defined the goals and objective of the then Jodhpur University now J.N.V.U". That the young people, who will be educated in this university , will go forward not as prisoners of the past, but as pilgrims of the future; will develop in them a spirit of dedication, a spirit of renunciation, a spirit of whole-hearted, single-minded concentration on the advancement of the knowledge, whether in science or humanities."

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 Rajasthan Technical University (RTU) is located in Kota in the state of Rajasthan. It was established in 2006 by the Government of Rajasthan to enhance the technical education in the state.
The University has been established in the campus of University College of Engineering, Kota (previously known as Engineering College, kota). The university currently affiliates about 135 Engineering Colleges, 35 MCA Colleges, 142 MBA Colleges, 08 M.Tech Colleges, and 03 Hotel Management and Catering Institute. More than 1 Lac students study in the various institutes affiliated to the University. The University aims to provide quality technical education which may help Rajasthan in its technical development.


Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya ( MGAHV )
Mahatma Gandhi's dream of India as a national dream was to be distinguished Hindi. He said that no nation without national becomes mute. World Hindi Conference held in Nagpur (January 10 to 14, 1975) was passed in Hindi an official language of the United Nations and the International Hindi University is ranked as established headquarters should be in Wardha . August the Second World Hindi Conference in Mauritius in 1976, it was decided that the center should be set up in Mauritius, a World Hindi Hindi coordinate the activities of all the world could.
IV World Hindi Conference (December -1993) after the World Hindi Secretariat in Mauritius and India to realize the establishment of an International Hindi University deemed necessary. It was possible-in the year 1997 when an Act passed by the Parliament of India, Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University in Wardha Karmabhoomi of the Nation was founded. Harish Babu Bharatendu from the university also fulfilled a longing in his mind was crowded. He was longing 'to your industry to establish a pure Hindi University'.
Act passed by Parliament in 1997 (No. 3), education and research and development through the promotion of Hindi language and literature such as Hindi language residential university which offers superior operational efficiency to be able to develop so it can be distinguished as a leading international language. In the last decade of the twentieth century, the university started functioning. The university was established in the light of the philosopher Mahatma Gandhi Hindi language and literature as well as Gandhi's favorite themes based on the principles "of nonviolence and peace studies 'and' woman Adhyyn'- made the major part of their course. Here are the technical details and diversified businesses carry Hindi as the language is emphasized to develop. Referred new courses are being promoted. Hindi is the intent of the university through the various disciplines of knowledge and scope not only in India but in the world population and its deep penetration, create world-heart necklace made Hindi. Witness the history of Indian freedom movement, India's national language Hindi Union cooperation, companionship and love of language. Biswsmuday it will be beneficial to the promotion of these values ​​in the set. Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University is a unique university in nature. Hindi employed with the aim of promoting the world's only university where French, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese are taught as foreign languages ​​in Hindi medium. Global Hindi "a major milestone on the way.
Hindi Biswbhasha to making the university has taken two important steps. it is raised. Hindismaydotcom excellent Hindi literature at the University's website page a million are being made available. The second phase will be provided in the literature of the world's major languages. Hindi in various disciplines of knowledge that is available in the class materials are being tried by the university.
The university of higher education is being developed as an international platform. In Hindi, Indian values ​​and traditions as well as modern scientific approaches to develop enhancements and install it that way before the world is being run by the University's mission. The university's culture, administration and practice guidance function in Gandhi's idea. Biswmnc to Hindi Hindi reputed to have the world it is necessary to have a better relationship with the other languages. Among them an active, multi-faceted and comprehensive ideas exchanged. Students of various languages, scholars, researchers, teachers, and between one another to teaching and learning and research. Hindi will be enriched by the contact of the other languages ​​of the world and new horizons of knowledge will Udit. Hindi as the language of science is a conductor at the heart of this exchange became the university is committed to the success of this ambitious project. There are eight different faculties at the University -
1. Language School
2. School of Literature
3. Culture School
4. School of Translation and Interpretation
5. School of Humanities & Social Sciences
6. School of Law
7. Managing the School
8. School of Education
Durshicsha program of university education as well as learners reach the door is functioning as a separate project.
An objective:
Regional, national and international language Hindi as proper development.
Recognized as the global language of Hindi consistent effort.
Mahatma Gandhi's humanistic values; As - peace, non-violence, truth, secularism, etc. upgrade, installation and-proliferation.
Mass of Hindi, business, management, science-and-technical education, and administrative working language in order to make efficient as it can be linked to employment.
Hindi-system through inter-disciplinary knowledge to promote.
The development of the university as an international research center.
The development of the university as a center of international discussions.
National and international-and multi lingual contact and coordination on the broad thrust.
Indian-and the end of the global languages: Contact the coordination and development of the culture of PALLAVAN.
Hindi language Indian cultural values ​​and reputation as a conductor of messages.
Knowledge, to realize the vision of peace and friendship serious effort.

UG Course

Qualification:-48% in XII with any discipline (RBSE /CBSE /NIOS)
Admission Seats:-120     Download Syllabus

Qualification:-48% in XII Commerce or Science Students (RBSE /CBSE /NIOS)
Admission Seats:-60     Download Syllabus

B.Sc (Science Maths)
Qualification:-48% in XII Science Maths Students (RBSE /CBSE /NIOS)
Subjects: Physics, Maths, Chemistry/Computer Science
Admission Seats:-60     Download Syllabus
Course:-B.Sc (Science Bio)
Qualification:- 48% in XII Science Bio Students (RBSE /CBSE /NIOS)
Subjects: Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
Admission Seats:-60     Download Syllabus

B.A (Arts)

Qualification:-48% in XII Arts Students (RBSE /CBSE /NIOS)
Subjects: Hindi Lit., Pol. Science, History, Geography
Admission Seats:-120     Download Syllabus

PG Courses

MCA (Computer Application)
Qualification:-48% in Graduation (BCA or B.SC Mathematics’) Appeared in RMCAAT-2017
Admission Seats:-30     Download Syllabus
University:-Rajasthan Technical University, Kota

M.Sc (Computer Science)
Qualification:-48% in Graduation with any discipline
Admission Seats:-30     Download Syllabus
University:-Jai Narain Vyas University

PGDCA(Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application)
Qualification:-48% in Graduation with any discipline
Admission Seats:-30     Download Syllabus
University:-Jai Narain Vyas University

MBA (Masters of Business Administration)
Qualification:-48% in Graduation with any discipline
Admission Seats:-60     Download Syllabus
University:-Jaipur National University or Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya ( MGAHV )
Specialization:-Marketing, Finance, Operations, Rural Management, Human Resource.